Do I have to buy a full suite ?

No you don't, most of our suites are available as seperate pieces, you can usually have any combination that you like, but please ask, there are just a few ranges that we can't split

Do we do interest free credit ?

We do have interest free credit facilities, please contact us for further details

How far do we deliver ?

Usually if you're prepared to come to our showrooms to look, we should be able to deliver to you, please contact us for rates if you're not local

What are our price ranges ?

Our range starts at around 350, and runs to around 1800

Can the customer collect ?

Of course ! - in most cases we can offer a discount if you are prepared to collect yourself.

Can I choose my fabric ?

Sure, we stock fabric, and also have swatches with a vast choice of modern and traditional cloths to suit every taste, we have everything from flat cotton to suede

I need a suite now !

We can do immediate local deliveries from stock, we usually have a choice of fabric for each of our many suites

If I order a suite, how long will I wait ?

This is a little dependant on the manufacturer, and the time of year, usually it is around 2-4 weeks

Do we price match ?

We don't need to price match, we are usually already cheaper, if you don't believe it, test us !

Whats our address ?

click here for our address or here for directions

Can you get a suite that I've seen elsewhere ?

We deal with some of the biggest importers of cane furniture, we have many more suites available to us than we can show, if you'd like a price, and you know the manufacturer and the range name of the suite, use the contact form, we'll contact you shortly with details

Where are your showrooms ?

Our company is on Victoria Road West in Cleveleys, Lancashire, We are close to the sea front, and around 5-10 minutes drive from Blackpool center and the tower

Do we sell dining sets ?

We do usually have an example or two of the dining sets, most are made to match with a particular cane 3 piece suite.

What about cane accessories ?

We stock baskets, tables and general accessories

Can I get accessores that match to a particular suite ?

Every suite has matching accessories, these usually include, coffee table, side table, and footstool

Do we supply fabric / upholstery seperately ?

This is possible, but ideally it needs to be one of the suites that we can supply, as cushion sizes vary greatly between different ranges and manufacturers, if you're local, bring a cushion in, and we'll see what we can do.

My room is tiny, do you do any very small suites ?

We have some very compact styles, with reasonably narrow arms and relatively upright backs, to make the most of your space, contact us and we'll send you some sizes

Do we supply flat-pack suites

Most of our suites are supplied to us fully built, one of two we can supply flat pack, if you have a particular need for this, please contact us. Please be aware, in most cases this will not save you money !

How do I care for cane furniture ?

Please refer to our section about cane furniture

Do we sell other furniture ?

We also sell Morris furniture from the makers of G-Plan, see our homepage

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