The delivery costs shown here apply mainly to beds and bedroom furniture.

There are three options available for delivery of bedroom furniture
However option three is available for beds and other products

Option 1, (Stammschroer Wellemobel Bedroom Furniture only)
Delivery of Stammshroer furniture is available to most parts of the UK, using their 'Direct Home Delivery' service.

Delivery :

Order value up to 250 costs 80 for delivery
Order value between 250-500 costs 60 for delivery
Order value between 500-1000 costs 40 for delivery
Order value over 1000 free delivery

Assembly can be arranged, and is on top of the above delivery prices, examples below:

Some example prices:-
3 door wardrobe 30
5 door wardrobe, corner wardrobe, 3 door robe 140
Overbed unit, bed frame, single robe, corner robe, bi-folding door robe 275
4 door wardrobe, overbed, bed, corner robe, 2 door robe, end angled wardrobe 2x 3 drawer chests, dressing table 330
(items must be in the same room) All outstanding balances to be paid in full prior to delivery

Option 2, (Stammschroer Wellemobel Bedroom Furniture only)

There is a FREE option that you can use to have Stammschroer Wellemobel furniture delivered to you, providing your order is large enough. Many full bedroom orders qualify. This covers most parts of the UK, and simply requires you to have an address which is not a residential one. The supplier may deliver straight to your designated address provided that there is access for their wagon. A good option is to have the furniture delivered to your local courier service warehouse, and then the customer would be responsible for the cost of the courier forwarding on the goods to the house. Note that once delivered to the courier, that any damage caused shall not be the responsibility of Cleveleys Carpet Centre. By taking this option you agree to this. Our customers have sometimes used shipping companies to send goods overseas, but again, any replaced damaged item will only be sent as far as the UK side of the shipping company and further transport is not covered, it is your risk if you ship overseaas !

Option 3, (Any Product within reason, Beds, Bedroom Furniture, Cane Furniture,etc)

For deliveries by our own transport - - Distance is calculated as 'round trip miles' you can use the 'aa routefinder' or 'rac routefinder' online service to work out the distance from our postcode FY53LA to your postcode, don't forget to double this distance to work out our round trip delivery distance

Depending on the item or total value, we may be able to negotiate on delivery costs !
20 miles 25
40 miles 35
60 miles 45
80 miles 55
100 miles 65
120 miles 75
140 miles 85
160 miles 95
180 miles 105
200 miles 115
220 miles 130
240 miles 140
260 miles 150
280 miles 160
300 miles 170
320 miles 180
340 miles 190
360 miles 200

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