Where is cane furniture made ?

What we call Cane furniture is actually made from Rattan, The Rattan palm is a tree native to areas such as China, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and the Philippines. It grows along the jungle floor and up into the trees to heights of over 600 feet, and resembles a grapevine. Different parts of itís pole-like stems are used for different purposes within furniture making. The stems are covered in thorns, which have to be removed first. The next layer is Cane, this is the bark or skin of the stem. Cane is sometimes used as a finishing material, but it is the rattan underneath which is used to make most of our wicker furniture. Unlike bamboo, Rattan has a strong solid core. Wicker is not actually a material, merely a term used to describe the family if products and the art of production of furniture and baskets from rattan, reed, and similar materials. The use of wicker and the production of basketry can be traced back over 4,500 years and was popular in ancient Egypt. It is an extremely hardy material which if cared for can outlast most other materials used in the furniture industry.

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